Barbara’s Story & Dedication

Designs On— Aging

Like many seniors before her, Barbara Beskind had just left everything behind to live near family on the West Coast.

Isolated from the stimulating and supportive community she had built over her previous 89 years, Barbara bravely reached out to IDEO to begin anew.

That’s why you will now find Barbara at IDEO’s Palo Alto office every Thursday collaborating with her fellow designers.

It is with deepest gratitude and admiration that we dedicate this issue of Designs On­— Aging to Barbara: a dear friend of IDEO and design thinking partner, prototyper, and world-betterer in crime.

Barbara’s latest prototype is an alternative to the traditional walker. It allows a person to retain their natural gait, balance and reflexes as long as possible, thus reducing the risk of falling and injury.

就像她之前的很多老人一样,Barbara Beskind刚刚离开了熟悉的老家,搬到西海岸的亲戚身边。

她离开了自己经营了89年、充满鼓励和关怀的社区大家庭,自告奋勇地找到 IDEO,给自己一个全新的开始。



我们怀着深深的感激和敬意,将本期Designs On­— Aging 献给Barbara。她是IDEO的挚友,同时也是一位 设计思维伙伴、建模师和世界良善宣传者。