Designs On— Time

Products should be designed to last only as long as they’re useful – and when no longer useful, disappear back to the the earth.

Longivila Workshop is a manifestation of this philosophy, giving the owner a dear glass shell and ‘timeless’ planting tray that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The shell acts like a chair factory, enabling people to grow the engineered Longivilia plant inside.  As it is watered over time, the plant fills the shell and hardens into the form of a functional chair.  Two vials of growing solution come with the chair: Slow Juice and Fast Juice.

The first produces a dense and precious chair with qualities similar to burlwood.  The latter spurs the growth of Longivilia, creating a soft, more ethereal chair, which thrives for only a short while before being tossed in the backyard.