City Scent

Designs On— Packaging

Jerusalem smells of mint and jasmine at sundown. Paris: Guerlain eau de cologne, fresh bread, and bicycle tires with a hint of Gitane tobacco. New York: brown sugar-tossed almonds with hot brick, hair product, and oodles and oodles of greenbacks. Tokyo smells like the future. Every one the world’s most memorable cities exudes a fragrance, a scent, an olfactory profile uniquely its own.

This particular concept tells the story of at least seven of the world’s most memorable cities by bottling specific attributes. Each scent is housed in a simplified form of one iconic structure that defines that city’s skyline. In essence, City Scent transforms the traditional idea of a souvenir from something visual (and tangible) to something more sensual, more ethereal, more directly connected to memory.