4G Tapes

Designs On— Packaging

Acid-washed jeans. Crimped hair. Z. Cavaricci’s. And mixed tapes. At least ones of those deserves resurrection from the dun-colored grave of obsolescence: the mixed tape. Tapes were personal. Intimate. Poetic. And physical. Music-sharing as of late has lost that materiality.

A cardboard cassette tape offers a seductive solution that leverages the advantages of digital music but reclaims the lost element of physicality. Sound tracks can be selected and programmed directly through iTunes. Song lists can be linked to a colorful QR code on the side of the cassette, and listeners need only scan the code from their smart phone to instantly enjoy the personalized line-up. Tapes are environmentally sound, and can be decorated — like the side of your Chucks or your old middle school text books. The smart phone interface resembles a classic Sony Walkman — hit ‘play’ and your mix tape playlist begins. Certain things, we believe, deserve a comeback.