Designs On— Global Warming

For too long it has been too easy to take energy for granted. No more. On/Off is a series of in-home devices that encourage homeowners to consume less.

Clockwise from left:

“Light” replaces standard switch plates with a radio frequency receiver that turns lights on and off, depending on proximity to the ring-shaped transmitter, which can be worn as an accessory and adjusted in sensitivity by turning the inner dial. Never again will leaving a room also mean leaving the lights on.

“Heat” replaces the standard thermostat. When cold, you simply lift the red flag. As the room reaches a comfortable temperature, the arm drops back to its resting position.

“Plug” is a playful device to raise awareness about electricity consumption. When the red ring is pulled, it activates in-home power for five minutes, and then retracts back into the wall plate.