Getting Personal with Global Warming

Designs On— Global Warming

“Getting Personal with Global Warming” is a communication concept with the aim of raising awareness about global warming. It’s intended for a mass audience and is discovered serendipitously, in the context of daily life —newspapers, city guides, message boards, online, etc.

The tongue-in-cheek idea stems from a philosophical truth: The human fear of being alone outweighs the human fear of global warming. That is, our individual sense of urgency to find a partner outweighs our populist sense of urgency to “save the Earth.” So, this concept addresses the quandary we find ourselves in, with the hope that its provocative nature will spark a new perspective on human nature and our role in the world—that yes, finding partnership is essential to our well-being, but that the well-being of our planet, now more than ever, determines the fate of our personal lives.

The ad is just the beginning; the dialogue that ensues is what sustains.