Designs On— Birth

Cartier might have mothered the “love cuff” craze, but Lance Armstrong turned bracelets-for-a-cause into a global phenom. Time for something new: a bangle with a respectable profile, a modest price tag, and a decidedly different target market in mind.

The notion is a simple one. Women in their third trimester are generally easy to spot, because the bulge betrays the bun in the oven. But moms in earlier stages of pregnancy (and fathers in any stage) remain anonymous. Why not self-identify by wearing a subtle, albeit trendy, accessory?

The intended outcome: elicit kind courtesies (e.g., giving up one’s seat on the subway) or congratulations from strangers. Of course, manipulative operators might abuse the bracelet—much as single men sometimes don a faux wedding band—but imitation moms and dads are preferable to counterfeit philanderers. We think.