The Storybox 故事盒

Designs On— Aging

By the year 2050, about a third of China’s population will be over the age of 60. That’s an estimated 487,000,000 people. Or put another way, 29,220,000,000 years of collective wisdom and experience. The current generation of 60 year olds has experienced vast changes in China, from the birth of modern China to the Cultural Revolution to acceleration and emergence as a world power. Nowhere else in the world has seen this much change, this fast, at this scale. What kinds of stories and memories live in those years that we could learn from? How much of that experience has already been forgotten?

The Storybox bridges the gap between physical personal objects from the past and virtual memories for the future. A wooden box contains a curated set of small tokens of your life that can be passed on to family members. Inside, a small digital touchscreen provides a way for family members to scan, share and view photos or films from your life. Record your thoughts, stories and conversations straight into the box. An accompanying digital portal lets family members see and experience the uploaded items from anywhere. The Storybox captures a snapshot of China’s history that could otherwise go undocumented and gives families a way to share and celebrate their elders.