Gradually 退休规划服务

Designs On— Aging

Gradually helps people plan for retirement and beyond by providing advice and assistance leading up to and after retirement. Our mission is to help people work as long as they need or want to, to help them reconnect to their community and other retirees, and to make sure they leave their job with peace-of-mind. Gradually is a job coach, community center, and a financial advisor under one roof, geared towards setting you up for a healthy retirement.

“退休规划服务”通过提供有价值的建议和帮助,鼓励人们对退休及 之后的生活做出良好规划。我们的使命是帮助人们按其所愿延长
工作 时间。帮助他们重新融入社区,结识其他退休人员,同时确保他们在 离开工作岗位时拥有心灵上的安宁。这是一个集工作教练、社区中心 和理财顾问为一体的多重角色,旨在帮助您顺利步入健康的退休生活。